BandWagon Presents
RADO, Sqwerv
Fri, Oct 20 Show: 8:00 pm Doors:
21 and up
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In 2019 RADO formed and took up the cause in Denver’s prolific music scene. The band melds together ferocious psychedelic rock music with syncopated dance grooves and stylistic melodies while mixing in thoughtfully crafted lyrical & vocal hooks. The music of RADO is heavily centered around building improvisational jams that reach soaring and everlasting peaks.

"The genre-mashing conglomerate of styles has something for everyone. Whether it’s a high-speed four-to-the-floor psychedelic jam, or a low bpm groovy, funk section, RADO keeps the bodies moving.”

-Compose Yourself Magazine

Sqwerv was born out of an open jam at the historic Denver bar El Chipultepec, but it was in the music program at CU Denver that the pieces began to fall into place. Guy Frydenlund and Caden Kramer met in a music theory class, and within a few jam sessions the pair quickly realized their musical similarities. During this early era they set the foundation for Sqwerv’s free, meaningful, playful, and often experimental notion of this band.

As time progressed Sqwerv transitioned and evolved into its full form with the addition of the spaghetti-haired drummer Zach Bulgarelli and ‘The Janitor’ Jack Marty on the keys. With Bulgarelli’s expertise on the skins and degree from the same CU Denver music program, he brings incredibly tight and complex rhythms that push the band and audience further into the experience. The new sonic thickness from Marty’s ivory tickling talents bring Sqwerv an enriched sonic palette and on top of being a tech wizard he’s got the harmonies taboot.

This groovy 4 piece Indie-Psych-Rock band took their passion for classic rock and psychedelic music, fused it with a dose of funk and created a sound that is refreshingly original. When Sqwerv takes the stage their songwriting shines as audiences are taken on a ride through surreal stories, ethereal blooming guitar solos and bellowing bumblebee baselines. From small packed smokey bars, to theaters, and festival stages this unique quintet strives to continue moving peoples souls and bodies through heartfelt music.